Hygeia Breast Milk Storage Bags – Pack of 100


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Designed to make storing breast milk easy, Hygeia’s Breast Milk Storage Bags seal easily for leak proof storage. Freezer-proof and self-standing. Can be frozen upright or flat. Each bag holds approximately six ounces of milk. Do not overfill when freezing. Fill only to fill line, overfilling can cause bags to leak.

  • Easy-sealing double zipper
  • Leak-proof and freezer safe
  • Holds up to 6 oz. of breast milk
  • Do not overfill. Filling bags past the fill line can cause leakage.
  • BPA free and free from PVC; Latex.
  • Do not boil or microwave to thaw frozen mother’s milk. Microwaving alters the composition of the mother’s milk and could burn the infant with hot spots in the milk.


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